Steve Travels to Kherson and Yalta in Ukraine
to Meet Marina Chedakina for the First Time
April and May, 2002
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Greetings, All.

Today we go to another castle - it's not one of the Romanoff castles, it's some other castle - I forget which one it is. Anyway, it was grand, their was lots of wealth here, but I couldn't take photos inside (this was often the case at places we visited).

So, let's look at this place --

Here we are, outside. You can only see a small part of it in this photo.


Next, we go inside, to many many rooms. The tour guide gives her spiel in Russian, while Marina interprets into English. She does this for a couple of rooms, and then another couple near us laughs, and the wife tells Marina that her husband is enjoying her English translations since he doesn't speak Russian either. It turns out that the man is from Sweden, and the woman is from Russia. They married about five years ago and now live in Sweden. The man's name is Bern (I forget the woman's name), and he works for the construction company that will do re-building on the World Trade Tower site - Skanska is the name of the company. It's a large company that does construction world-wide, evidently. Anyway, we travel with them the rest of the tour, and become friends. We decide later to go to the top of the mountains in the cable car together. I find it very good to find another person who speaks English.

Bern tells me that he has recently been in Alaska, hunting bears. He says it was really cold there, all the time, because it was near winter. He tells me a few hunting stories. Marina talks with the Russian lady, who knows what they are saying? They are speaking Russian, and laugh a lot.

We could not take photos in the castle, but after a while we exit and start going through the gardens around the castle.


Here is Marina and me.


Here's a big tree on the castle grounds


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