Steve Travels to Kherson and Yalta in Ukraine
to Meet Marina Chedakina for the First Time
April and May, 2002
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Greetings, everyone.

Well, this will probably be the last chapter.

I have LOTS more photos that you haven't seen yet - maybe I will send out some more of those later.

But now, it is the last full day of my trip. It's almost evening, all the expeditions and excursions are done with. We have a late lunch and finish at about 5 or 6 in the afternoon. I tell Marina, "We are at the ocean, but we haven't gone swimming yet!"

And she just looks at me and laughs - because, for most of the trip, it has been rather cool, and only in the middle of the day is it really warm. And the ocean water is cold! Nobody is swimming in the water. Nobody has been swimming the whole trip!

But, if she thinks I am going to the ocean and not going swimming, then she has another think coming! We go back to the room and I put my swimming trunks on. I try to talk Marina into going swimming with me, but she just tells me that I am crazy!

We go back to the boardwalk, I have on shoes, swim trunks, and a shirt. Everyone is looking at me as we walk down the boardwalk to the beach.

Near the beach is one of the photo places - we stop and get our photos made as King and Queen (you have already seen that photo) - but here is Marina trying on one of the costumes.

She's pretty, isn't she? Also, look how the wind is blowing - you can tell by the hats that there's a good wind.


After the photo shoot, I am ready to swim! I take off my shoes and shirt ... Notice how every else has on long pants, coats, jackets, or sweaters. It's too chilly for anything else! Oh well....


Brrr!!!!! It's really cold on my toes!!!!


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