Steve and Marina have a Vacation with
John and Marina Brier in Pensacola, Florida, June 2003

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Greetings, everyone --

Here is Part 2 of our vacation in Pensacola Florida. Remember, we are visiting Marina and John Brier. Marina Brier (maiden name Semenova) lived in Kherson, Ukraine, the same home town as my wife, Marina Capps (maiden name Chedakina). These two Marina's did not know each other before, but, my Marina, Marina Capps, knew the sister of Marina Semenova.

It turns out that Marina Semenova is a model, and a very good one. Before we visited her, she had just gone to Cancun Mexico for a shoot, and after we left, she was on her way to New York for another shoot. If you want to look at some of her modeling photos (and I recommend that you do!), go to these web sites --

Marina Semenova Photos --

Here is one of Marina Seminova's modeling photo


Here is another.

She has a few freckles on her face, and I think she covers them with makeup, but I don't think she should, because there were only just a few, and they were not very dark at all, and they were very nice. But I guess models aren't supposed to have freckles. But she looks better with the freckles :-)

Ok, then, when we last left our intrepid couple (Steve and Marina Capps) they were worn out from their first day of vacationing in Pensacola Florida, and beaching it at Perdido Key.

But, you can never have too much of the beach! So, we go back again the next day. This time, John comes with us. He brings a portable cabana which is cool! Here we are setting it up.


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