Cruise on the Galaxy - March 2002

Greetings, all.

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On day five, we had a long way to travel - the ship sailed all day without stopping. We just relaxed and did stuff on the ship - it was fun. One of the things I did on the ship was win $100 at the casino, playing the slot machines. I had never been in a casino before. The first time I tried the slots, I put in two dollars - and lost it all. The second, third, etc times, I put in more. I won little bits, but lost them all again. Finally, I put in five dollars. I lost it all, and was down to the last two quarters. I bet them both, and BANG! I got a Wild Card plus two Red Sevens - that was worth 400 quarters - One Hundred Dollars. The slot machine just kept spitting out more and more quarters, beeping and booping really loud so that everyone else in the casino could hear there was a winner nearby :-) So I cashed in - I took one of the big cups they had nearby, and scooped in handfull after handfull of quarters, and took it to the "bank". They poured all my quarters into their counting machine, and it said there was 400, so they gave me five twenties. Not bad - I had spent 27 dollars on the slots total, and got back $100.

I went to the class on how to play Craps, the dice game. It was too complicated - I never tried it or any of the other games. So that is my whole life experience with gambling.

On day six, we made land at Saint Johns on Antigua island. This was a very beautiful island, the best yet.

We went to the "Lookout Point" - where they used to watch for pirate ships and enemy battleships.

Here's part of the rocky shore, with some sailboats a good bit away.

Here's a close-up of the harbor


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