Steve and Marina Capps
Visit Larua and Steve Morris in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, February 2003

Okay, now we travel to Nashville to see Laura and her husband Steve Morris. Here we are at their house.


We have a big birthday party for Marina and Laura, great food (cooked by Laura, who is a Master Chef - she went to culinary school for years, and WOW!!! -- that's great! She is TOO GOOD of a cook!!!!
Here's Lauara with the tassels we gave her. Also, we gave her some Muscat wine (no, this is not muscadine, or anything like that. It is an unusual wine, strongly flavored, very nice. The best wine we had when we visited Yalta.)


Here is Mom, Laura, and one of Laura's little dogs, who are lots of fun :-)

I always forget the dogs names - they are something like blodger and booger, or something. Anyway, they are both very fun dogs :-)

Also, Laura and Mom are both quite beautiful, aren't they? Yes indeed!

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