Steve and Marina Capps
Mini-Vacation in Gatlinburg, May, 2003

We ride for 3 or 4 miles, it's really fun - the horses know what to do and mostly you just sit, look around at the beautiful scenery, and, of course, you reach down and pet your horse once in a while and tell him how good he is!

We rode way up the mountain, and then, of course, we rode way down the mountain, back to the stable.

When we had dismounted from the horses, we both walked very funny - our legs felt funny, and it was kind of hard to walk - - - I guess we aren't really cowboys after all :-)

The grounds about the ranch were beautiful, we walked around them.


Later, we go to the Ripley's Museum -it's too cool!
They have so many interesting things, but not too many we can take photos of.
Here we are in the silly mirrors they have,
but this is not the best thing - it's just that it was easy to take photos here.

Marina - she is so tall..... or is she so short??? Who can tell?


After we come back to the resort, we are tired, so we take a rest in the pool, and in the hot-tub-whirlpool, and this is fantastic, really, really relaxing. Here's Marina getting in the hot-tub.


Here's me jumping in the pool...


Here's Marina in the Hot-Tub -she is is pretty, and I am so lucky to have her as a wife!


Okay, there is more to come -- another whole day!
Stay tuned for the next part of our Gatlinburg Vacation!

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