Steve and Marina Capps
Zoo Trip November 2002

Hi, Everyone --

We went to the zoo, we had fun, we took pictures. Just look to see!!!!

First of all, though, you have to see our own little zoo here at home. Here are our three cats, Luke (Caramel colored, the oldest, Piper, like burnt toast, and Monster, the kitten, gray with white patches). They like it when we do laundry and fill laundry baskets with clothes fresh and hot right out of the dryer. Usually we don't let them lay there, but this time we did.

Now its off to the zoo. First we bought our zoo tickets and we went through the ticket gate. This was funny because the same lady operated both places.... She sold us our tickets, and she said "Please go around back and wait for me, so I can scan your tickets."

Of course we did this, because we wanted to go into the zoo. We went to the back of the entrance, and we saw the lady come out from the ticket sales booth and walk over to the ticket taker booth. There, she took our tickets and scanned them, and then everything was good! Hmm --- it seems to me, if we put our finest minds to it, that we could come up with a simpler system - like maybe, you give them money at the entrance gate, and then you go in! Oh well..... Computers ---- they make our lives so much easier, don't they? Hee Hee :-)

There are some of the Bear Sculptures that were all over town the last several months -- Marina likes them very much.


Then we went to the real bear habitat, and we were surprised how big it was, and how much was inside it. There was lots of things for the bears to do. Here's a little baby bear that was crawling all around. He wanted to crawl everywhere, and nothing could stop him :-)


Here we are at the Bear Waterfalls - look, there are "caves" to crawl in to see the bears close up.

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