Steve and Marina Capps
Snowstorm in early January, 2003

Hi, everyone! I haven't sent out any photo emails for a while -- I've been busy :-)

Anyway, here are some photos of the snowstorm we had in early January 2003. Marina and I went out and walked for a few miles in the snow, and had a great time.

Marina says that in Ukraine, whenever you have the first snow, you must give all your friends congratulations - you do this by throwing a big snowball into their face and shouting "Congratulations!!!!".
So here is me, getting ready to congratulate Marina.


Here we are, walking through the woods.


We walked so long, it got dark. We walked seven or eight miles.


Here are at a house by Lake Forest - some people still had their outdoor Christmas lights on, it was very pretty by the lake.


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I met Marina at this website - This is a good company, and if you want to meet a nice lady, then it is a fine place for you to begin. They do not pay me any money, and they did not ask me to link to them. I watched a broadcast about this website on Fox TV News - that is how I learned about them. After I met Marina, I also met the owners of this website, John and Marina Brier (yes, her name is Marina, just like my Marina) and these are two fine and honest people.