Steve and Marina Capps
Go to the Circus, March 2003

Greetings, All --

For Marina's birthday, Mom bought tickets to the circus. Yay!!! I am excited about going with Marina, this will be her first American circus. Her birthday was on February 24, and I ordered the tickets for March 7.

Now, I wait the endless days, hour after hour, day after un-ending day, waiting for March 7th. Will it never come? I want to go now --- Now Now Now Now NOW !!!!!!

Finally, circus day comes, and we get ready to go. First, as usual, we check our own circus beasties.

Piper and Monster are happy :-)


We arrive at the circus early so we can go down to the circus floor and meet some of the performers, and so they can meet us.
These two performers asked if they could have they could have a photo made with Marina and me.
We said "Yes, of course, if that will make you happy."


It was really crowded on the circus floor. Everyone wanted to come meet us, and get their photo made.
This clown wouldn't leave until I took his photo with Marina.


Naturally, the ladies would not leave me alone.
I wanted to have a photo with Marina and me, but they said, "Oh, Steve, please -- We want a photo with just you, Stevie!!! Please!!!!!"


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