Tuckaleechee Caverns, Cades Cove and Putt-Putt Golf
Late August and Early September 2002

As I demonstrate my balance skills by walking on a log across the river, well, I sort of have a little tumble, so I then demonstrate a different way to cross the log :-)


Then we head towards the camp grounds at Cades Cove to walk around a little bit.
Marina sees a deer, the first one she has ever seen (except in a zoo).
She tries to get close to it but it won't let her get very close.


Marina is doing very well with her driving lessons. It's very hard for her to learn, because I have a manual transmission stick-shift.
Mostly we have just been practicing first & second gear, parking, going in reverse, and stuff like that.
In the empty parking lot behind Walmart we set up boxes to act like cars, then Marina must park in the empty parking space without hitting any boxes. Sometimes we put out a extra box in a really difficult spot, to act like a dog or cat sleeping in the parking lot. Also, there's a closed off section of interstate-like road near home that we practice on.


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